A Facebook AD for sale watches to India

Current, i have learning how to make a AD from Facebook for sale watches. First, i update one hundred new replica watches, include Rolex, Omega and Longines.
I set the AD local to the India, and i research which brand watches and which style watches Indian customers would be like it.
In my survey, India customers more like Omega and Longines brand watches, and they like metallic watches, For example, gold watches.
I create a AD, and set local to India, set the customers age between 25 to 35 years, set sex to men, set customers interest group with ‘watches’, ‘Longines watches‘, ‘Omega watches‘ and ‘Rolex watches‘. all is ready, let it going!
In two days, spend 45 USD from me, had about 38,000 India people had see my AD, had about 400 India people had click to my website. But only two people register to my website, and only one people make a order, but not pay it.
I had sent a email to the customer who had make a order from me. customer say he can not see a credit card payment to use.
I had examination it, but i can see the Visa and Master credit card payment channel. Does people in India not use Visa/Master credit card?
Current, i wait for the customer’s reply. And when i have free time, i will try make a AD from Facebook again.

A tenacious replica watches buyers

Today, a customer 33 times make a order at my replica watches website. If these orders are valid, I would wake up at night when laughing.
From April 8 to today(May 23), the customer had 33 times make order at my replica watches website, email correspondence between us have reached 56!
The cause of all this, is the customer’s credit card had bad records, can not pay success on my website. But he was very insistent, adhere to 56 days, adhere to the 56 messages! He told me that the reason he insisted, because his grandfather had a very serious illness, and his grandfather liked Breitling pilot watches (estimated to be a lovely pilots fans). Probably because genuine Breitling watches have been difficult to find with this style, so the Breitling replica watches in my website became his goal. But, unfortunately, he credit card could not transactions. And his locate not have Western Union service.

Replica Breitling pilot Watches in my website, Click will open website.
Replica Breitling pilot Watches in my website, Click will open website.

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A denied payment order with me on May 17

On May 17, I received a frustrating information from third-party payment platform which cooperate with me.

A replica watches orders refused to pay by customers Visa Card .

See this denied payment of the order, my first reaction was skeptical of this third-party payment platform, whether they artificially created the accident. Because this order belongs to one of my old customers, in the last year, he purchased a total of eight replica watches and a watch box from me. And, after he received the Tag Heuer replica watches(order’s item), and gave me a reply message, he praised the quality of this watch!

Here is the message screenshot
Here is the message screenshot

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A cunning thief stole £ 10,000 Rolex replica watch

A cunning thief stole £ 10,000 Rolex replica watch
A cunning thief stole £ 10,000 Rolex replica watch

Shocking CCTV shows a cunning thief who stole a moment of £ 10,000 Rolex replica watch, and they embrace outside Knights luxury hotels.

This is the shocking moment, because they hold the thief disguised as a new man friend just took his £ 10,000 Rolex replica.
Metropolitan police found the suspect and his accomplices hope to release CCTV footage from the episode December 29, 2015.

The victim, who was his 40’s, can be seen smoking a cigarette, he sat in Kensington, west London Beaufort stepped outside the hotel at around 22:00.

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Springtime Forward using these Luxury swiss replica Smartwatches

Springtime Forward using these Luxury swiss replica Smartwatches

The actual replica smart watch trend has Europe horologists upping your bets with technology and venerable craftsmanship.

Breitling’s Exospace B55 ($8, 900) is the brand’s first unificatrice chronograph, executing watch changes (setting period, alarms, moment zones) through the wearer’s smart phone; conversely, this timepiece reports inbound calls, text messaging, and work schedule alerts, along with communicating wathe info, such as flight time (true in order to Breitling’s aviators DNA) towards the phone. The sunshine titanium situation houses a special Caliber B55 movement on analog as well as digital shows tailor-made with regard to pilots.

The particular Connected View with Intel Inside through TAG Heuer carrera ($1, 500) blends the actual brand’s 150-year heritage and also the sporty type of its Profesión collection along with technical ideas. Three online chronograph counter tops, which screen information through Intel and also Google technology, join a conventional watch encounter and fingers, offering the very best of each traditional along with nouveau watch experiences. Futhermore? The revolutionary watch’s 46mm case is made from grade-2 titanium regarding lightweight power and surprise resistance. Through Frederique Continuous, this Deluxe Horological Smartwatch ($950) has the ability to of bio-directional communication together with iPhone in addition to Android applications via a MotionX engine. Typically the watch’s connection allows you to track action and rest patterns plus links for the Cloud intended for backup and even restoring relieve. It’s almost all sealed within a classically created case that will bring the technical power below elegant gloves. All these timepieces are available at Westime Beverly Hillsides, 216 And. Rodeo Doctor, Beverly Slopes, 310-888-8880

Smartwatches captured the particular imagination of worldwide consumers inside a big strategies 2015, whenever Apple launched its much-anticipated iWatch. In spite of mixed testimonials, the impressive timepiece gained its put in place the zeitgeist as the most talked-about product from the year together with spurred a requirement for tech-driven watches over the marketplace. A few storied Switzerland brands possess responded simply by pairing their own master watch manufactures with frontrunners in technologies to develop versions that provide the latest great applications whilst staying faithful to traditional contact form. These luxurious watches offer connectivity to be able to phones, computer systems, and other gadgets, and offer variety novel functions—the ability to document sleep process, monitor cardiovascular rates, show calendar memory joggers, even help the pilot get around an airplane—all housed within elegant instances that maintain your boardroom picture intact.

swiss replica watches
swiss replica watches