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If Longines Replica Watches Has A Calendar Window

You should consider if watch has a seconds hand, if the watch has a calendar window, when you are prepared to buy a replica watch.

You will clean old enough ETA movement and order a coil, you still usually can get parts, a circuit or one and the other to make that extraordinary watch work once again, quite often movements were always discontinued since the age. Because on occasion really similar movement has a long and shorter center shaft, be aware of how thick the dial was usually. Anyways, if you do not look for very similar movement with calendar at 6 o’clock, the calendar wheel usually can be replaced, you’ll have to deal with the quite old calendar wheel and replace it in modern movement. Finally, is it located a 3 o’clock 4 o’clock 6 o’clock, if it has a calendar window.

We will need to double check, hello Ruben Iglesias, we may have this movement accessible.

swiss watchWe have a watchmaking workshop in Madrid and we have a confident problem with a LONGINES man watch. We will enable you to understand if I have this in stock, once you email me. We need a L9702″ quartz movement for this watch and we cannot get one in Spain. Please visit at, if you have probably been still interested in this movement.

ETA because is the Swiss largest entrepreneurs there`re as well Rhonda FE. Same goes for citizen 5R12, 6L12 and others. With Seiko and Citizen the identification has probably been on the watch back, from time to time in bottom of the dial bottom, and most definitely in movement, like VX42, V810 and so on. My advice. The principle goes for all movements, all of them are marked on the back either by movement company or replica watch company. With that said, there is another way to identify a movement if for some reason no lettering usually can be explore or looked for, under dial always was the bridge, funny looking parts that hold the setting parts, looks like an alien hand if you had some imagination. Seiko use Hattori movements that probably were interchangeable and Citizen uses Miyota movements. You should get it into account. Most Asian replica watches use both of them. It is a lot easier to replace either for original brand or generic., we normally don’t seecan’t see them. They make all kinds of Longines replica watches, a couple of them mostly for the Japanese market pretty costly. It’s a well there`re books with watch illustrations Japanese movements, well the bridge is watch fingertip, one-of-a-kind to each individual, Seiko and citizen are largest watch firms in world.

Open a fake watch and look inside, you have usually been looking at either a Japanese replica watch movement A Swiss movement will have stamp of 3 letters – and a followed by a number ex.

That number should be your reference number. You may oftentimes spot jewel. It was probably glassy light red dot where wheel pivot pretty often goes through. Occasionally the identification is located by the battery, oftentimes in one corner by coil, from time to time it has usually been in circuit board, if you need parts or a brand new movement. Some replica watchmakers would use their own nomination and possibly should be crossed reference with standard ETA.

A Facebook AD for sale watches to India

Current, i have learning how to make a AD from Facebook for sale watches. First, i update one hundred new replica watches, include Rolex, Omega and Longines.
I set the AD local to the India, and i research which brand watches and which style watches Indian customers would be like it.
In my survey, India customers more like Omega and Longines brand watches, and they like metallic watches, For example, gold watches.
I create a AD, and set local to India, set the customers age between 25 to 35 years, set sex to men, set customers interest group with ‘watches’, ‘Longines watches‘, ‘Omega watches‘ and ‘Rolex watches‘. all is ready, let it going!
In two days, spend 45 USD from me, had about 38,000 India people had see my AD, had about 400 India people had click to my website. But only two people register to my website, and only one people make a order, but not pay it.
I had sent a email to the customer who had make a order from me. customer say he can not see a credit card payment to use.
I had examination it, but i can see the Visa and Master credit card payment channel. Does people in India not use Visa/Master credit card?
Current, i wait for the customer’s reply. And when i have free time, i will try make a AD from Facebook again.