Young Aston sells stylish Swiss replica watches around the world

Aston takes into account the sale of 20,000 replica watches in 2020

replica watches Uk
replica watches Uk

Two young entrepreneurs from Cardiff are using Switzerland’s best replica watches to grow their global sales for their minimalist watch designs.

Born in Wales, Swiss quality in its heart, Aston Caine by Cardiff Metropolitan Design Graduate Mathew Aston Cain and entrepreneur Jarrad Morris owns and operates 26 years old.

Its 001 watch price is $ 169.95, while its 002 price is £ 199. They have five steps per second Swiss quartz movement.

Since the launch in 2015, they have sold 600 replica watches, by 2020 will reach 20,000 units per year.

Of which about 75% of customers aged between 25-35 years old. In the global customers, in recent years, especially in Japan, there have been high sales.

Matthew Cain
Matthew Cain

“Said Cain, who is also a design engineer at Astoncain.” The idea comes from my own frustration because you can not find good quality and simple replica watches Uk.

“Large well – known brand sales replica watch the use of substandard components, these watches are expensive, but no one really pursuit to create quality.

He designed Astoncain’s first model to use clear lines and high-quality materials, and his theory that his target market needed simple, high-quality replica watches to be tested and asked them to gather creative design.

The original Kickstarter campaign was worth more than £ 15,000, making Astoncain 001 possible. In 2015, the second movement added another £ 16,000, creating a second model, and its success exceeded all expectations.

replica watches Uk
replica watches Uk

Astoncain Sales Director Mr. Morris brings a wealth of experience to companies that have established and operated a number of successful businesses in Wales and the UK.

He said: “We now see the watch has a staggering, bulky design and heavy brand image.” He said.

“Consumers are becoming more and more popular when they buy a replica watch that they want to invest in a truly eternal high quality work.

“Many of our successes have been attributed to Matthew’s design that attracts everyone – minimalist design makes our watch a perfect match for any occasion.

Other companies are doing the opposite work by trying to create a new design for each consumer to complicate their products. ”

Later this year, Astoncain will launch the third replica watch, which includes the first entry into the female market.